Regular Shipping

Regular shipping are handled by stores, which are required to deliver items within 7 days.

If stores don’t deliver within 7 days, please contact us.

Regular Shipping (For Customers)

Required delivery time: 7 days (Unless otherwise indicated)

If stores don’t delivery within the required time frame, please contact us.

Store that have registered for a delivery center will deliver to their preferred delivery center.

Stores should notify you with details of your order, and the location of said delivery center.

After you order from a store, the store is required to deliver your items within 7 days. If they fail to do so, please contact us.

Stores will choose their preferred delivery center, which they’ve registered for, and deliver your items there.

Stores will notify you with information regarding your order, once it’s been completed, including where your order was delivered to.


Regular Shipping (For Stores)

Orders are required to be fulfilled within 7 days, except if you’re expecting orders in bulk, and is clearly indicated in your store.

You should get a free delivery center location by clicking the button below.

You can deliver items to that delivery center.

You should notify your customers regarding their order and location to pick up their order.

To learn proper procedure on how to handle orders:

Get a Delivery Center

Can be found through:

Expedited Shipping

Expedited shipping is handled by iCentiPay, and guarentees delivery within 24 hours.

If we don’t deliver within 24 hours, except from reasons beyond my control, you are eligible for compensation.

Expedited Shipping (For Customers)

Guaranteed* delivery time: 24 hours

If you did not receive your order within 24 hours, you may be eligible for compensation*.

*: We can only guarantee delivery time if the store has enough items stored at our warehouse.

**: Compensation may not be given if the situation is beyond our control (ex. Server downtime, insufficient amount of items available at warehouse).

We will deliver items to the store’s preferred delivery center.

We will notify you via in-game mail regarding your order information, and location.

Once we receive your order, we will deliver items, and notify you once it’s complete.

We charge items by product.

Our current expediting shipping price is: 20F per product.

This doesn’t mean quantity.

If you order a stack of white concrete, and a stack of glass, you will be charged 40F, whereas if you order 2 stacks of white concrete, you will only be charged 20F.

Expedited Shipping (For Stores)

We can handle orders for you and speed up deliveries.

No more worries about multiple locations stocked. No more worries about deliveries. We can handle it for you.

Simply click on the button below to get started.

You get 100% of what you make from completed orders.

20F a day for warehouse space.


Warehouse Pass

F20/day (F600/month) + 7 day free trial

Subscribing to this subscription willl allow you to access Expedited Delivery options.

This pass is required to enable expedited delivery, as expedited requires a centralized system.