Introducing iCentiAwards, a publicly decided award.

With iCentiAwards, we want to promote businesses to perform better.


Entry start: June 1st, 2019

Entry deadline: June 4th, 2019

Voting start: June 4th, 2019

Voting end: June 13th, 2019


  1. Free ad on iCentiPay for a month
  2. An in-game award
  3. 10,000 Forsals (Redeemable through both in-game or iCentiPay)


  1. Voting for yourself will void your entry

How to participate:

  1. Enter your company/city below
  2. Wait for vote

Since this is the first time we’re trying this, we will not be guaranteeing a continuation of this event, unless we can be sure that people will particpate.

You can add your business/city below to participate in this event:

iCentiAwards entry has ended.